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. BackgroundNasal provocation testing (NPT) is a reference methodology to identify the culprit allergen in patients with allergic rhinitis.
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    The patch is left in place for 48 hours, after which it is removed from the skin at a return visit to the doctor.

  • Patients with known gold allergy and rheumatoid arthritis should undergo patch testing with gold sodium thiosulphate prior to starting treatment with gold-containing medication due.
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    In this procedure, a food is eaten slowly, in gradually increasing amounts, under medical supervision to accurately diagnose or rule out a true food allergy.

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    For the study in Zambia we used a structure called a semi-field flight cagea screened structure with a volume of around 1,000 cubic meters, about 2,000 times.

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  • This involves placing a drop of suspected allergens on the skin, which is then pricked with a lancet allowing the allergen extract to enter the skin.
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